Hotel Arsenaal

Are you looking for a unique location for a photoshoot? With its rich history and beautiful decor, Hotel Arsenaal offers the perfect location for this! We offer the possibility to arrange various types of photography projects under certain conditions, such as interior, product, fashion and wedding photography.

Welkom bij Hotel Arsenaal!


In our hotel, it is possible to take photos in all public areas. This is done in consultation, so we can ensure that the photoshoot proceeds as carefully as possible. Would you like to arrange a photoshoot in a room? This is possible if you book the room and consult with us.

Welkom in Gastrobar de Wapenkamer!


Arranging photoshoots within Hotel Arsenaal is only possible on weekdays under the supervision of Hotel Arsenaal. The cost for a photoshoot in public areas is €75.00 per hour (minimum 1 hour). The cost of the rooms are the booking prices, excluding the €75.00.

Welkom in de sfeervolle lobby van Hotel Arsenaal!

Terms and conditions

  • No nude or lingerie photos, discriminatory photos and politically charged photos may be taken.
  • The crew during the photoshoot should not consist of more than 5 people, including models.
  • During the photoshoot, consideration must be given to guests and hotel staff.

Hotel Arsenaal reserves at all times the right to determine the organization around the photoshoot. Any requests can be made in advance.

Light, camera, action!

Would you like to arrange a photoshoot within Hotel Arsenaal and agree to the above terms and conditions? Then you are most welcome! Please contact our marketing department for further information and to check availability.

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