De Wapenkamer

Enjoy the peace and quiet in a historic atmosphere

Welcome to Gastrobar de Wapenkamer

Welcome to Gastrobar de Wapenkamer in the historic Hotel Arsenaal. A place where you can enjoy refined bites and wines with a nod to history. We are writing in the early 1600s. Hotel Arsenaal housed many cannons, guns, bullets and other weaponry. Not only did the building serve as a weapons depot, but goods such as spices, cotton, coffee, tea and Chinese porcelain were also stored and transshipped in this East Indian warehouse. An armory of value, you might say!

It is this value that we aim to reflect in our gastrobar today. Enjoy exciting gin & tonics, flavored with spices from the East. Unwind by our robust fireplace and order one of our barista coffees and feel the spirit of historic trade as you take in the spices from the kitchen!

Will you join us for bites, wines and cocktails at Hotel Arsenaal? After all, it is a well-kept secret, and who knows, you might discover all the secrets!

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